Gallery of outstanding morphs

These are some of the best movies in our database, illustrating motions in several large structures, including protein complexes. Many of these required customization of the software to morph successfully (and up to 1.5 GB of memory to render the movies!). We hope to incorporate some of these features into future versions of the morph server. All of the movies here were rendered using PyMOL, some of them via our automatic web form.

Some very large and complex structures can now be handled by the development version of the server; see here for an explanation of the different versions and here for the submission page.

Custom movies of GroEL double ring (1AON->1DER). Also see the motion report and a morph of a single subunit (a fuller list of resources is here).
Custom movies of the small ribosomal subunit. Several views are shown. Motion report is here.
Morph of Ca++ ATPase pump, based on combination of x-ray crystallography and cryo-electrom microscopy. Coordinates submitted by Dr. William Rice, Stokes Lab, NYU. See the motion report for more details.
Custom movies of the chicken BC1 membrane complex, solved by Zhang et al. The iron sulfur protein undergoes a large conformational change. Both the overall dimer and half of the complex (10 chains) have been rendered. See the motion report or the information page at UIUC.
Maltose-binding protein engulfing ligands. Fairly easy to create but a good example of what can be accomplished with a little tweaking of the input files.

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