Submission Form for the Morphing Server and Database

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Submissions take anywhere from five minutes to half an hour to process. You should read the documentation first, especially the FAQ, if you have any questions about the database; an old but thorough description of the server is here.

This version of the server only morphs single protein chains; for RNA and complexes, you want the development version. Some features available there will be folded into this version soon; in particular, morphing will switch to using CNS, though this will have little practical impact on the results.

Fields designated by (*) are required.

Protein Name: (*)
Please try to make this as descriptive as possible, e.g. "Calcium pump ATPase (E1 to E2)" or "RNA pol II initiation to elongation". These names will be the primary link to the morph in our database, and assist in our annotation efforts. Please do not enter obfuscated names!

Number of frames between solved structures (default:8 max:30)

Morph Type:
Include heteroatoms? (DISABLED)
Private ? (Strongly discouraged)

Number of conformations to morph (minimum 2, max 10): (*) Sorry, only two conformations allowed at this time.

PDB identifiers or PDB files for upload: (*)
PDB ID1: or PDB File #1: Chain:
PDB ID2: or PDB File #2: Chain:

We would appreciate a paragraph-length description of what the movie depicts, if known. These often form the basis for new entries in the motions database. Specific literature references are extremely helpful. If you uploaded PDB files rather than specify IDs to use, please indicate the actual PDB IDs here!

Your name (*):

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Note 1: By clicking "Submit", you are consenting to have the morph results automatically included in the public movie listing. If the structures are unpublished or you do not wish your data to be publically viewable, do not use this form! Instead, contact the site maintainers directly.

Note 2: For the time being, we are not archiving morphs for long-term storage. Please retrieve your morph result(s) within a few days of job submission. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.