Motion in Replication protein A DNA-binding domain [rpa]

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Classification [D-h-2]

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Flexible linker region allows the protein to adopt a variety of conformations; DNA binding stabilizes the structure in a "closed" state.

R A Pfuetzner, A Bochkarev, L Frappier, A M Edwards (1997). Replication protein A. Characterization and crystallization of the DNA binding domain. J Biol Chem, 272:430-4 [Medline info for 8995279]
A Bochkarev, R A Pfuetzner, A M Edwards, L Frappier (1997). Structure of the single-stranded-DNA-binding domain of replication protein A bound to DNA. Nature, 385:176-81 [Medline info for 8990123]
E Bochkareva, V Belegu, S Korolev, A Bochkarev (2001). Structure of the major single-stranded DNA-binding domain of replication protein A suggests a dynamic mechanism for DNA binding. EMBO J, 20:612-8 [Medline info for 11157767]

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functionnucleic acid binding, DNA binding
Cellular componentnucleus
Biological processDNA replication


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Replication protein A 1fgu [ B ] 1jmc [ A ] 262

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