Motion in Ran [ran]

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Classification [F-h-2]


Similar fold to Ras and other related proteins, but with much larger conformational changes. Movement occurs in two switch regions and in the extension of the C-terminal helix.

M Stewart, H M Kent, A J McCoy (1998). The structure of the Q69L mutant of GDP-Ran shows a major conformational change in the switch II loop that accounts for its failure to bind nuclear transport factor 2 (NTF2). J Mol Biol, 284:1517-27 [Medline info for 9878368]
I R Vetter, C Nowak, T Nishimoto, J Kuhlmann, A Wittinghofer (1999). Structure of a Ran-binding domain complexed with Ran bound to a GTP analogue: implications for nuclear transport. Nature, 398:39-46 [Medline info for 10078529]

Data and Graphics
Vetter group home page Lab at MPI studying Ran structure, with description and more movies.

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functionbinding, GTP binding
Biological processprotein folding, intracellular protein transport, small GTPase mediated signal transduction


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Morph Morph name Structure #1 Structure #2 Residues
Ran (GDP --> GTP) 1byu [ A ] 1rrp [ A ] 204

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Morph Morph name Structure #1 Structure #2 Residues
384696-10721 Ran (GTP -> GDP) 1rrp [ A ] 1k5g [ A ] 216
633479-10010 Ran GTPase upload [ A ] upload [ A ] 165

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