Motion in Polymerase Processivity Factor PCNA [pcna]

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Classification Suspected Subunit Motion, Not Involving Allostery [S-n-1]

1PLQ Conformation 1 [ PartsList ]

PCNA subunits are arranged in a ring-like trimer, which is believed to clamp around DNA. For such a clamp to attach and unattach to DNA motion of the subunits is necessary.

Particular values describing motion
Creation Date = 19970822
Modification Date = 19970822
Experimental Methods = x (Traditional x-ray)

T S Krishna, X P Kong, S Gary, P M Burgers and J Kuriyan (1994). Crystal structure of the eukaryotic DNA polymerase processivity factor PCNA. Cell. 79: 1233-43. [Medline info for 95094298]

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functionDNA polymerase processivity factor activity, DNA binding
Cellular componentnucleus, delta-DNA polymerase cofactor complex
Biological processregulation of DNA replication

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