Motion in Na,K ATPase pump [nakpump]

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Classification Complex Motion [C----]

Although no medium-to-high resolution structures are available, the Na,K ATPase is extremely similar to the solved sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (both P-type ATPases). A combination of cryo-EM and homology modelling has indicated that the enormous conformational change observed in the calcium pump are likely present in this protein as well.

Rice WJ, Young HS, Martin DW, Sachs JR, Stokes DL (2001). Structure of Na+,K+-ATPase at 11-A resolution: comparison with Ca2+-ATPase in E1 and E2 states. Biophys J. 80(5):2187-97. [Medline info for 11325721]
Ogawa H, Toyoshima C (2002). Homology modeling of the cation binding sites of Na+K+-ATPase. PNAS 99(25):15977-82. [Medline info for 12461183]

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