Motion in Interferon-gamma [intfg]

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Classification Known Domain Motion, Hinge Mechanism [D-h-2]

2RIG Conformation 1 [ PartsList ]

The crystal structure of interferon-gamma has been solved complexed to the extracellular fragment of its high-affinity cell-surface receptor. Crystal and NMR structures of the AB and C terminus loop of unbound interferon-gamma find these to be flexible, whereas the study of bound interferon-gamma strongly suggest that these loops become well-ordered upon binding.

Particular values describing motion
Experimental Methods = xn (Traditional x-ray)
Creation Date = 19971130
Modification Date = 19971130

M R Walter, W T Windsor, T L Nagabhushan, D J Lundell, C A Lunn, P J Zauodny, and S K Narula (1995). Crystal structure of a complex between interferon-gamma and its soluble high-affinity receptor. Nat. 376: 230-235. [Medline info for 93317674]

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functioninterferon-gamma receptor binding
Cellular componentextracellular region
Biological processimmune response

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