Motion in Canine Lymphoma Immunoglobulin (Fc-Fab hinge) [ighinge]

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Classification Known Domain Motion, Hinge Mechanism [D-h-2]

This crystal structure of an intact IgG molecule contains two Fab fragments and one Fc. The heavy-chain connection between each Fab and the Fc consists of a long, flexible, 'tether' polypeptide. In this crystal structure the two tether polypeptides have different conformations. The hinge angle between Fc and Fab1 is ~65 degrees and that between Fc and Fab2 is ~115 degrees. The two Fab fragments also have difference dispositions of their constant and variable parts -- elbow angle differences.

Particular values describing motion
Experimental Methods = x (Traditional x-ray)
Creation Date = 19970822
Modification Date = 19970822

S Vasudevan and D R Rose. "Conformational Flexibility in Antibodies and their Fragments," unpublished(?) manuscript. [Medline info for 95319545]
L J Harris, S B Larson, K W Hasel, J Day, A Greenwood and A McPherson (1992). The three-dimensional structure of an intact monoclonal antibody for canine lymphoma. Nature. 360: 369-72. [Medline info for 93078856]

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