Motion in Hammerhead RNA [hammer]

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Classification Known RNA Motion [N-R-2]

1HMH Both Conformations

Comparison of all three RNA chains in the asymmetric unit reveals significant conformational changes. The largest difference is between chains A and E, which have an RMSD of about 2.8. This is caused primarily by the large rotation of the 5' end and the twisting of the helical region. There are a number of smaller-scale conformational changes associated with self-cleavage.

Particular values describing motion
Creation Date = 19971212
Experimental Methods = x (Traditional x-ray)
Modification Date = 2002-06-14 15:06:51.000

Pley HW, Flaherty KM, McKay DB. Three-dimensional structure of a hammerhead ribozyme. Nature. 1994 Nov 3;372(6501):68-74. [Medline info for 7969422]

Data and Graphics
Cleavage reaction pathway Custom movies made using the morph server, showing several states of the ribozyme. (Created by Prof. William Scott, UCSC)
Custom morph Morph of chain A->chain E.


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Morph Morph name Structure #1 Structure #2 Residues
Hammerhead ribozyme 1hmh [ ] 1hmh [ ] 34

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