Motion in GM2-Activator (Human) [gm2]

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Classification [D-s-2]

The GM2-Activator is a lipid transporter that contains a hydrophobic pocket into which the lipid tail of a ganglioside molecule binds. The two beta sheets comprise a hydrophobic beta "cup" that make up the hydrophobic pocket. The opening to this pocket has a flap that is highly variable in position when comparing the three molecules that comprise the asymmetric unit of the crystal structure.


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Morph Morph name Structure #1 Structure #2 Residues
gm2-activator_1-2 upload [ A ] upload [ B ] 162

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Morph Morph name Structure #1 Structure #2 Residues
835484-25239 gm2-activator upload [ A ] upload [ C ] 162

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