Motion in Glutamate Dehydrogenase [glutdh]

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Classification [D-h-2]

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T J Stillman, A M Migueis, X G Wang, P J Baker, K L Britton, P C Engel, D W Rice (1999). Insights into the mechanism of domain closure and substrate specificity of glutamate dehydrogenase from Clostridium symbiosum. J Mol Biol, 285:875-85 [Medline info for 9878450]
K S Yip, T J Stillman, K L Britton, P J Artymiuk, P J Baker, S E Sedelnikova, P C Engel, A Pasquo, R Chiaraluce, V Consalvi (1995). The structure of Pyrococcus furiosus glutamate dehydrogenase reveals a key role for ion-pair networks in maintaining enzyme stability at extreme temperatures. Structure, 3:1147-58 [Medline info for 8591026]

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functionoxidoreductase activity
Biological processamino acid metabolism


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Morph Morph name Structure #1 Structure #2 Residues
Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1k89 [ A ] 1hrd [ A ] 449

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