Motion in c-Src tyrosine kinase [csrc]

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Classification Known Domain Motion, Hinge Mechanism [D-h-2]

1FMK Conformation 1 [ PartsList ]
2SRC Conformation 2

Structure of a large fragment of the c-Src tyrosine kinase shows that interactions among domains, stabilized by binding of the phosphorylated tail to the SH2 domain, lock the molecule in a conformation that simultaneously disrupts the kinase active site and sequesters the binding surfaces of the SH2 and SH3 domains. N lobe rotates 9 degress relative to its position in the cAPK Sidechain of Glu310 moves 12 A.

Particular values describing motion
Maximum CA displacement (A) = 12 (from lit.)
Maximum Rotation (degrees) = 9 (from lit.)
Experimental Methods = x (Traditional x-ray)
Creation Date = 19970822
Modification Date = 19971212

Xu W, Harrison SC, Eck MJ (1997). Three-dimensional structure of the tyrosine kinase c-Src. 385(6617):595-602 [Medline info for 97177105]

Data and Graphics
Graphic-1 Overall motion

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functionprotein kinase activity, protein-tyrosine kinase activity, ATP binding
Biological processprotein amino acid phosphorylation, intracellular signaling cascade


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c-Src Tyrosine Kinase upload [ A ] upload [ A ] 449

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604731-9914 tyrosine kinase Src upload [ A ] upload [ A ] 270
610892-12307 Tyrosine Kinase Src inactive upload [ A ] upload [ A ] 271
611310-13402 Tyrosine Kinase Src inactive upload [ A ] upload [ A ] 271

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