Motion in Cro repressor protein from lambda phage [crolambda]

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Classification [F-h-2]

5CRO [ PartsList ]

R A Albright, B W Matthews (1998). Crystal structure of lambda-Cro bound to a consensus operator at 3.0 A resolution. J Mol Biol, 280:137-51 [Medline info for 9653037]
D H Ohlendorf, D E Tronrud, B W Matthews (1998). Refined structure of Cro repressor protein from bacteriophage lambda suggests both flexibility and plasticity. J Mol Biol, 280:129-36 [Medline info for 9653036]

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functiontranscription factor activity
Biological processregulation of transcription, DNA-dependent


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Morph Morph name Structure #1 Structure #2 Residues
cro 5cro [ A ] 6cro [ A ] 60

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