Motion in Cre Recombinase [crerec]

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Classification [D-h-2]


F Guo, D N Gopaul, G D van Duyne (1997). Structure of Cre recombinase complexed with DNA in a site-specific recombination synapse. Nature, 389:40-6 [Medline info for 9288963]
F Guo, D N Gopaul, G D Van Duyne (1999). Asymmetric DNA bending in the Cre-loxP site-specific recombination synapse. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 96:7143-8 [Medline info for 10377382]

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functionDNA binding
Biological processDNA recombination, DNA integration


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Best representative
Morph Morph name Structure #1 Structure #2 Residues
Cre Recombinase 4crx [ B ] 1crx [ A ] 322

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