Motion in Yeast cell-cycle control protein p13suc1 and homan homologue CksHs [ckshs]

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Classification Known Domain Motion, Unclassifiable Mechanism [D-?-2]

1PUC p13(suc1), CksHs homologue as strand-exchange dimerConformation 1 [ PartsList ]

Human CksHs family, along with its yeast homologue p13(suc1) are known to crystalize in the strand-exchanged (domain-swapped) form.

Particular values describing motion
Experimental Methods = x (Traditional x-ray)
Creation Date = 19971130
Modification Date = 19971130

M J Bennet, M P Schlunegger, and D Eisenberg (1995). 3D Domain swapping: A Mechanism for oligomer assembly. Prot. Sci 4:2455-2468. [Medline info for 94231569]
N Khazanovich, K S Bateman, M Chernaia, M Michalak, and M N G James (1996). Crystal structure of the yeast cell-cycle control protein, p13suc1, in a strand-exchanged dimer. Struct. 4:299-309. [Medline info for 94231569]

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functioncyclin-dependent protein kinase activity
Biological processcell cycle

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