Motion in 16S fragment of small ribosomal subunit (30S RNA) [16S]

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Classification Known RNA Motion [N-R-2]

1FJF subunit with proteins
1IBM subunit with bound tRNA and mRNA

Binding of m/tRNA induces some drastic local changes in the 16S RNA such as the A1492, A1493, and G530 which flip 180 degrees. The backbone also moves slightly.
The morph linked below is the interpolation between the native 16S, and with mRNA and tRNA bound.

Wimberly, B. T., Brodersen, D. E., Clemons, Jr., W. M., Morgan-Warren, R. J., Carter, A. P., Vonrhein, C., Hartsch, T., and Ramakrishnan, V. (2000) "Structure of the30S ribosomal subunit", Nature, 407: 327-339 [Medline info for 11014182]
Ogle, J. M., Brodersen, D. E., Clemons, Jr., W. M., Tarry, M. J., Carter, A. P., and Ramakrishnan, V. (2001) "Recognition of Cognate Transfer RNA by the 30S Ribosomal Subunit", Science, 292: 897-902 [Medline info for 11340196]

Data and Graphics
Custom morphs Large animations produced by morph server, illustrating conformation change

GO terms associated with structures
Molecular functionstructural constituent of ribosome, nucleic acid binding, RNA binding, rRNA binding
Cellular componentsmall ribosomal subunit, intracellular, ribosome
Biological processprotein biosynthesis


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16S RNA [ ] [ ] 1507

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