Human Immunodeficiency Virus T (va1hniA-1hysA) [ 1hni --> 1hys ]
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User-submitted description: "Structure of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase in a complex with the non-nucleoside inhibitor alpha-APA R 95845 at 2.8 A resolution." vs. "CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF HIV-1 REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE IN COMPLEX WITH A POLYPURINE TRACT RNA:DNA"
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GO terms associated with structures:   [ see term descriptions ]
Molecular functionRNA-directed DNA polymerase activity, aspartic-type endopeptidase activity, zinc ion binding, nucleic acid binding, ribonuclease H activity, integrase activity, DNA binding, RNA binding
Biological processDNA recombination, proteolysis and peptidolysis, RNA-dependent DNA replication, DNA integration


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